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How to Create Retrograde Goals & Use Crystals

We're starting a new thing and you'll want to join in! We asked you this week what you want to learn from us and man, did you all show up! We've been loving interacting with you all more since quarantine and feel this is the perfect time to learn more. We have so much information we want to share with you from astrology to psychology to crystals and plants, that we can't just put it all in one post! So, starting today, every week we'll be bringing on a friend and chatting about topics we think you'll enjoy!
It's been a crazy 2 months, and while we don't know when things will get back to "normal", we can still find a little inspiration and community together. So welcome to our Stay at Home Series! Every week we're hopping on Instagram Live to chat on a topic. Don't worry, if you miss the live, it will be up for 24 hours! After that, we'll make a pretty blog post for you to read, filled with all of the important info!
This week Eaarthbones Jewelry founder, Rachel King, spoke about our two May retrogrades, what that means for us, and the crytals we can use during this time!
Let's first start with...
What is retrograde and why do I need to know?
We've heard the jokes and seen the memes...doesn't it have something to do with gatorade?
Retrograde is a very physical thing that happens to our planets every year..but also metaphysical as well. Most define retrograde as when a planet is "moving backwards"..at least that's what it looks likes. Planets are always going the same direction, revolving around the sun. As they travel in their loops, as well as the big loop around the sun, they can come close to the Earth, looking like they're moving backwards because of something called "planitary proximity". Our loops can be larger or smaller, faster or smaller, than the other planets so when the planets get close enough to us, they may look like they are moving backwards or "retrograding".
Astrology comes in when we realize that when these planets get close to ours, we can feel the effects of their energy. Each planet gives a different type of energy and can "disrupt" what we know as the norm. Sometimes being derailed from your path can come at the absolute worst time but here's some tips on how to deal with the inevitable change of energy retrogrades bring.
How to deal with retrogrades:
  • expect and plan
  • relax expectations
  • take less for granted
  • be more observant
  • change perspectives
Most of the time, we have at least one planet in retrograde at a time during the year. This month of May, we have two planets coming into retrograde, Saturn and Venus. This is wild, not only from the energy shifts we can expect, but because our world has already had a drastic pivot and energy change from the latest pandemic.
This may be a good sign!
We've already shaken up our norm, and honestly don't expect our norm to be back for a while. We're already expecting the unexpected, but these retrogrades may call you to set goals or intentions this month.
Saturn in Retrograde
May 11 - Sep 29 | once a year
  • Saturn rules karma, responsibility, wisdom, your response to authority, status, and discipline.
  • Masculine energy = focused, goal oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven
  • You may be confronted with hard lessons and reality checks.
What is working with your habits and what do you need to re-evaluate? What goals can you work towards during this retrograde? Do you need to take this time to re-adjust?
Venus in Retrograde
May 13 - June 25 | every 18 months
  • Venus rules love, money, and feminine energy.
  • Feminine energy = receptive, soft, fluid, allowing, nurturing, sensual, empathetic, flexible, emotional.
  • Issues in love and money may stagnate, dry up, or run cold.
  • You may be brought challenges in your relationships or old relationships may re-surface for healing and closure.
Are there any old relationships lingering? Write down your feelings then change your perspective and write down how they may have felt.
Do you need to heal your relationship with money? How did your parents look at money? How can you let go of feelings of scarcity and welcome the flow of wealth? How do you feel talking about money? Why?
What calls to you when describing feminine energy? How can you work on implementing this into your daily life?
We hope you learned from this blog post! We'll be going live on Instagram every week with a new guest! Join us live or check out our new weekly blog posts. Check out our last blog post for all of the crystal info you'll need to get you through this time on top!

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