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7 Best Crystals for Retrogrades

We love using crystals in our intention setting and practices. Here's a few crystals we're using for the Saturn and Venus retrogrades. We're also adding a few must have jewelry pieces for all of your Zoom meetings that are perfect during this double retrograde!

Saturn in Retrograde Crystals

May 11 - Sep 29

Rules karma, responsibility, wisdom, and responds to authority, status, and discipline.

  • Tiger's Eye = prosperity, will-power, strength
  • Black Tourmaline = cleansing, protection, dispelling negativity
  • Lava Stone = cleanse negativity, communication
  • Pyrite = abundance, luck, wealth

Eaarthbones Jewelry 

Tourmaline Celestial Moon Earrings

Raw Lava Stone Ring 

Celestial Earrings 

Venus in Retrograde Crystals

May 13 - June 25

Rules love, money, and feminine engery

  • Labradorite = intuition, self-discovery
  • Amazonite = merge of feminine and masculine energies, abundance, flow, and connection
  • Opal = originality, creativity, expression of true self

Eaarthbones Jewelry

Labradorite 3- Stone Necklace

Amazonite Necklace

Raw Opal and Quartz Threaders

Do you use these crystals during retrograde? What helps you during energy shifts? Let us know!

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